Camera, Action and Joy!

And then there is the love for it all.

The team at abCreative work with groups and groups in the business of film making.

We take all our expertise and put it together to work on 5-6 shorts and up to two features a year.

We do it for the love and for the future. Come and talk to us regarding your next film making project. 

For now, check out Park Life. We are currently on the final edit for two more shorts and one entry for tropfest.

Here is the link to our Facebook Page - Melbourne Shorts with news on past and upcoming projects.

Facebook - Melbourne Shorts

29/1/13 - abCreativeTV-11 Getting an iBook on my iPad without iTunes

Welcome to 2013! This weeks video is about iBooks for the iPad from apple. So many i’s it’s all a little crazy! As some you may be aware, we produce marketing material, graphic design, print production and for the last year we have moved very strongly into producing iBooks for clients to present or sell […]

We have just uploaded a new video on "What is bleed" let me know what you think More tweets